Covid - 19 Opportunities to Lead

This unprecedented global event has placed Toastmasters members in a unique opportunity to lead the organization through a real time volatile situation. Where will you contribute?

The Meeting

The Contest

Taking your meeting online

With limited access to meeting venues across the district, we are encouraging all clubs to set up a virtual meeting account with your preferred providers ( (free up to 40min, paid $14.99), (free) , various others) This is a great opportunity to learn a new skill, video conferencing. Do you want to start a new business? Do you want to take your work online? Do you want to work remotely? Jump in and take the lead and learn how to run a video conference/meeting. 

Membership renewals

Get creative so your members can continue to enjoying their membership benefits and rely on this valuable resource to keep normalcy in this volatile situation.

Ideas: Connect an online payment system like PayPal account to your club checking account so members can pay their membership.

Have the member go to your club bank and deposit the membership renewal and submit a receipt. 

Virtual Contest

Effective immediately and until further notice, speech contests in all Districts may be conducted online at the Area and Division levels.

Check out the district calendar for updates on speech contests and events.  Click the tab above.

It is recommended that all virtual contest be conducted via the district’s Zoom account. To get access, area and division directors please get with Joel Dawson after 3/17/20. Please refer to the speech contest document for a complete explanation of this exception

Click this link to see communication from  Toastmasters International here

Speech contest and educational contest awards will be distributed at our next live in-person district event.

The choice to join Toastmasters is a one that is personal and unique to each member. The members of District 68 have some amazing success stories and we want to hear yours. Please share your Toastmasters success story with our PR team and allow us to celebrate your achievement!