As area director, you serve as the direct liaison between the district and the clubs. One way that you serve clubs is through thearea club visits conducted at least twice a year. These visits are crucial to understanding how clubs are fulfilling member needs, and how the district is successful in supporting and meeting the needs of each club.

Insofar as practicable, the area governors shall have served as members of a district council. The area director is eligible for reelection or reappointment for one succeeding term only.


  • Report regularly to the division director and district leaders on area progress .
    • Advise district leaders immediately if your area falls below four clubs or grows above six clubs.
  • Serve as Area Council chair.
    • Hold at least two Area Council meetings each year and have the following topics on the agenda:
      • Discuss each club’s plans and goals in the Distinguished Club Program and needs for district/area assistance.
      • Review attendance at club officer training.
  • Achieve Distinguished Area status.
    • Motivate and assist each club in the area to become a Distinguished Club.
    • Participate in area director training provided by the district.
  • Make at least two club visits per club per year:
    • Assess club membership and its leadership’s willingness to grow.
    • Assess who will achieve educational achievements and when these will be completed.
    • Submit the Area Report of the Club Visit form online.
  • Contact club presidents monthly about:
    • Distinguished Club Program performance.
    • Follow-up on items identified during previous visit or contact.
    • District training or other district events.

Visiting Clubs

Quality clubs are those that meet their members’ needs. As an area director, you play a critical role in maintaining club quality through club visits, which are required twice a year and should take place between July 1– October 31 and again between January 1– April 30. As you prepare for your club visits:

Review the online Distinguished Club Program report. Familiarize yourself with the online Area Director’s Club Visit Report – it will act as your evaluation tool during your visit.


  • Contact the club president at least one month prior to your visit.

    • Request the Club Success Plan from the club president and spend time reviewing it prior to the visit.
    • Ask that the club president share the club’s historical information and demographics.
    • Work with the club president to determine the club’s specific needs so you can customize your visit and ensure the club gets the most out of it.
  • Each club visit will vary depending on the arrangements you have made with the club president. Focus on those items that are applicable based on your agreements:
  • Observe the club’s meeting and review the club mission.
  • Discuss characteristics of successful clubs through best practices.
  • Ask club leaders how they know when they are successfully meeting the needs of their members.
  • Set a good example by presenting a project from a communication manual.
  • Review the Toastmasters programs (e.g., Membership Building, Distinguished Club Program).
  • Identify prospective future leaders – talk about leadership opportunities within Toastmasters.Spend time with the club leaders. Ask how communication between you and the club can improve. Discuss yearend goals and strategies to ensure that those goals are achieved. Use the Distinguished Club Program and Club Success Plan as your guide. Recommend methods for moving forward and point out opportunities for enhancement.Although your visit with the club has ended, there are additional items you must complete:
  • Submit the Area Director’s Club Visit Report online. A copy of the form will automatically be sent by email to your district leaders and the club president. Reports are due twice a year, by November 30 and May 31.
  • Follow up with the club to learn how things have been since the visit. Ask if the club needs additional support then ensure you provide it.
  • Keep records of your area club visits and pass them on to the next year’s area director. This will ensure that clubs’ needs are continually met.
  • After you complete successful club visit, be sure to submit your report online at District Central. Submissions must be made by May 31 to receive credit toward the Distinguished Area Program.
Dues Renewals

World Headquarters emails dues renewal notifications to club officers the first week of September and the first week of March. Clubs renew online by visiting Area governors should follow up with each club to ensure ontime renewal submission.

When renewals are submitted on time, clubs and districts benefit. Club members continue to enjoy the benefits Toastmasters offers and the club receives credit toward one of the goals in the Distinguished Club Program. Your district will be able to identify clubs that are having membership problems so they can offer assistance. The district also receives a portion of each dues payment a club submits. 

District funds shall not be used for payment of charter fees or payment of club dues. If a district check is received for either of these, it will not be accepted, and processing will be delayed. Likewise, World Headquarters will not accept a check drawn on a division or area checking account, nor any check drawn on the personal account of a district leader unless that officer is a president, vice president, or treasurer of the club.

Toastmasters International encourages all clubs to maintain a membership level of at least 20 members. However, in order to keep its charter in good standing, a Toastmasters club must maintain a minimum of six members, at least three of whom were members of the club during the last dues period.

Club Officer Elections and Leadership Training

Club officers are elected either annually for terms that begin July 1 and end June 30, or semiannually for terms that run from July 1 through December 31 and January 1 through June 30. Club leadership training programs should be scheduled to accommodate these election schedules.

Installing Club Officers

One district function is to install officers of Toastmasters clubs when invited to do so. The area director is the district team member best suited to handle this important opportunity, although a division director or a past president of the club can do it. In a company or government club, a key executive or public figure, such as the corporation president or military officer, may be willing to perform the ceremony. A sample installation ceremony script is included in the Appendix.

Club Officer Training

One of the area director’s responsibilities is to ensure club officers in the area have access to training sessions conducted by the district that will equip them to succeed during their terms of office.

The way the training program is organized and administered will vary from district to district. With your district leaders, determine what plans have been made for club officer training. In some districts it is conducted on a division level, coordinated by the division director, and assisted by the area directors of that division. In other districts, the entire program is the responsibility of the area director. Whichever the case, you will want to encourage club officer participation in these programs.

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