Greetings, fellow Toastmasters and honored guests,

I am excited to be serving this year as the Toastmasters District 68 Director.  If you are a non-Toastmaster and guest to this website, I encourage you to visit all the pages to and consider joining a club soon.  For me, Toastmasters has been life changing.  I joined the organization in April 2011 shortly after my 50th birthday.  My intention at that time was simply to improve my public speaking skills.  I had no idea how much that decision would help me grow.  It worked out very well.  Toastmasters not only helped me improve my speaking skills, but I also grew as a leader and my self-confidence increased tenfold.

To my fellow Toastmasters, if my mentor, John C. Maxwell, were to give you advice, he would say this: “Good leaders ask great questions.”  Please ask great questions this year and throughout your Toastmasters journey so that you can get the most value from your experience as member.

Our theme for the year is harmony.  As a former choir member, I loved the concept of combining lots of beautiful voices to make one amazing sound.  When I left the choir, I missed being part of that harmony.   Oh, I still sing all the time.  I sing in my car, I sing in my shower, I sing in my speeches… But there’s no harmony because I sing alone!  Harmony requires two or more voices.  In fact, the more voices involved the better.  When there are plenty of voices, the volume is greater and the sound is richer. When there are plenty of voices, the strong voices carry the weak.  When there are plenty of voices, those with perfect pitch provide direction for those who tend to sing off key.
We have a fabulous group of people on the DEC serving the district already, but we need more voices if we want to achieve harmony this year in District 68.  Whether you have perfect pitch or you sing off key, please step up and seize the opportunity to join the choir.  Together, we will make an amazing sound.

In service to the member,

Tina Guillot, DTM
District 68 Director


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