Greetings, fellow Toastmasters,

Below are some updates from the trio about what’s happening around the District.  As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.



Club Officer Deletions…  Please note that last week World Headquarters removed club officers who had not paid dues for the current renewal period.  In some cases, where the officers who had not paid were required positions, all officers were removed.  In order to have officers reinstated, the club must either pay dues for the officers in question R replace the officers with members in good standing.  If your club was impacted by this, please contact me at and I’ll be happy to assist you as needed.

District Leadership Committee Update…  Nominations for the top 7 positions (trio and Division Directors) are due no later than December 15th and should be sent to Bryan Jolley at

Help with dues for inmates…  A few of the prisons in our District are not able to fund-raise to pay or help pay for the member dues.  Two of these prisons are New Beginnings in Oakdale, LA and Fresh Start in Pollock, LA.  They are both Federal Correctional Institutes facilities for men. We are setting up a list of Toastmasters who would be interested in sponsoring one or more of their members.  The way it would work is that your name and best phone number/ email address would be added to a list of potential sponsors.  When the need arrives you will be called or emailed to see if you are willing to help.  If “no” we will move on to the next person on the list.  If “yes” you will get a big thanks and information regarding where check should be sent.  Please email Annie Svaty,, to get your name added to this list.



Spring TLIs…  Planning is underway for Round 2 of Club Officer Training.  Four main sessions will be held at various locations in the District. Club Officers (a minimum of four from each club) must attend one of these District-sponsored sessions in order to get credit toward the Distinguished Club Program.  To learn more and pre-register for training, please visit the TLI page on the District website by clicking here.  No make-up sessions have been scheduled at this point.

Club Visit Challenge/Harmony Strong… The program has been revised to add another great opportunity to get club points.  REVISED as of 11-29-2016, the Harmony Strong Club challenge now includes a new opportunity for more club points.  If a club  member invites at least one member of another club to visit their club and that person does visit.  The inviting club is eligible for more points.  In order to get those points, the inviting club must get the signature of their visitor on the Harmony Strong form (see website for the forms). This is worth 100 additional points.  Please email Annie Svaty at if you are participating in either Harmony Strong and/or Passport.  She will add your name to the District website. YES, you will get your name put up in lights!

Spring “Block Building” Conference 2016 – Location Lafayette Louisiana…  Mark your calendar for the weekend of May 12-14, 2017.  Ed Tate will be our keynote speaker.  Please look him up on YouTube.  You will be amazed.  He was one of the featured speakers at the Toastmasters International conference last August.  Stay tuned for breaking news.



One of my favorite stories that I use in my leadership workshops is the story of how motivational speaker Les Brown got his start in the radio business. Opportunity came for him one weekend when only he and the DJ were at the station.  The DJ proceeded to drink on duty and couldn’t finish the show.  Les took over and the rest is history.  One of my favorite quotes is one that Les uses in his story and that quote is, “it is best to be prepared for an opportunity and not have it, then to have an opportunity and not be prepared!”

We are having a banner year, but we are only as strong as our weakest link.  We have a number of clubs that can use your help, as well as new clubs that are sprouting up all over our district.  Whether you’ve coached in the past successfully, you’OPPORTUNITYand want a second crack at it, or if you’re learning for the first time, this is an OPPORTUNTIY for you to grow.  If you’re not sure what it entails, contact your division/area director and have that conversation with them. We have a great support staff and a monthly conference call that leaves no stone unturned.  This isn’t about taking on additional work; it’s about taking on an additional skill!   This is also a requirement that you must fulfill on your journey to DTM.  These opportunities are not available throughout the year, so take advantage of this opportunity while it’s here!  If you really like what you see going on in our district, then get involved! Talk to your division and area directors! I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity now and become a part of the leadership team that will shatter the status quo in District 68. If you have any questions, please email me at

Please let us know if you have any questions about the above.

Tina Guillot, DTM
District 68 Director

Trio Tribune Issue 2