Greetings, Club Officers!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been asked a few times why we set up club officer training in the TLI format.  Were you wondering about that yourself?  Do you think you have enough experience from previous years that you don’t really need training?  Are you wondering why we don’t just have the Area Directors host individual training sessions for each of their clubs?  Here are the top 5 reasons we follow the TLI format as opposed to training within the individual clubs:

It provides educational consistency...  We have gone to great lengths to offer the same quality of training at every session.  If we opted to train clubs individually, there would be absolutely no way to ensure this quality consistently.
It has proven successful…  Toastmasters has been around for over 90 years and we follow the framework that has been successful for much of that.  Why reinvent the wheel?
It makes sense and saves time for everyone… We’re all volunteers.  Unfortunately, serving in leadership, whether as a DEC member or as a club officer, requires sacrifice.  Our team has already sacrificed many hours to drive all over the district hosting four TLIs.  If you missed those, we hope you will make the sacrifice to attend the organized makeup session so we can train as many officers as possible at one time while helping you reach your goals and get quality training.
It gets you outside your club… Too often club members refrain from participating in anything outside their clubs, so they miss out on great opportunities to network and connect, and don’t get the most from their membership.  Whether you’ve been in Toastmasters twenty minutes or twenty years, you’ll benefit from meeting others in the district.
You learn from other leaders…  The breakout sessions at TLIs are a great way to learn how other officers who share your role are handling things in their clubs. Even our more experienced leaders walk away feeling stronger because not only have they been able to share their wisdom, they have also learned fresh ideas and a new perspective from some of our less seasoned members.
We will hold one makeup session in Chalmette on Friday, August 26th at 6:00 p.m.  If you have not attended any of the four main sessions, please plan to join us for this makeup so your club will benefit from having fully trained officers.  Here is the link to register:  (Please note that if for some reason you have not been able to attend any of the four sessions prior and can’t make it to Chalmette, we will do our absolute best to provide you with training, however, there is no guarantee your club will receive credit toward the DCP.)
We wish you much success this Toastmasters year!
Harmoniously yours,

Tina Guillot, DTM
District 68 Director

Top 5 Reasons for TLIs