Spring District Council Meeting

Greetings, fellow Toastmasters!

Saturday, May 13th is our District 68 Spring Conference at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Lafayette!  I hope that you all have registered and are planning to join us.

From 9:30 to 11:00 AM on the day of the conference, we will hold our spring business meeting of the district council.  (Note: You do not have to be registered for the conference to attend only the business meeting, however, you should plan to arrive no later than 9:15 AM to check in with the credentials desk.  For those attending the full conference, the credentials desk will be open from 7:00 to 8:00 AM.)

Perhaps the most important item on the meeting agenda is the election of the 2017-2018 District trio and Division Directors.  This year’s District Leadership Committee (DLC), made up of Bryan Jolley (Chair), Jeff Harris, Billy Jackson, Kimberly Boyd, and Rebecca Arnett, worked very hard for many hours to determine eligibility of interested parties, conduct interviews, and select the best candidates for each role.  We are very appreciative of the DLC’s efforts.  They have presented to me the official list of nominees as follows:

District Director
Mohamad Qayoom

Program Quality Director
Anne Svaty

Club Growth Director
Chic Miller
Dave Reid
Katie Rigsby

Division A
Alfred Doucette

Division B
Mike Cragin
Tammy Freeman

Division C
Chic Miller

Division D
Chic Miller
Artemis Preeshl
Katie Rigsby

Congratulations to all the nominated candidates and special thanks to all who stepped up and participated in the interview process.  More information on each of the nominees will be provided within the next couple of weeks.

The draft agenda for the full meeting is provided below.  (Links to items for review will be sent at a later date.)

1) Review of District Mission
2) Presentation of Credentials Report
3) Approval of Minutes from Fall District Council Meeting
4) Presentation of Audit Committee Report
5) Presentation of Financial Report
6) Election of District Trio and Division Directors for 2017-2018 Toastmasters Year

At the district council business meeting, each club president and vice president education in attendance is entitled to one vote. However, if either or both officers cannot attend, they may designate, in writing, any other active member of their club to act as a proxy or proxies for their club by using the District Council Meeting Proxy Form.  (Please email completed proxies to Tina Guillot, dd@d68tm.org, or have your proxy holder provide the form to the Credentials Chair, Rebecca Arnett, IPDD, prior to the meeting.)  No other proxies are valid at this meeting, per District Administrative Bylaws Article X: Council Meetings, Quorum, Proxies, and Voting, Sections (d) Proxies and (e) Voting:

“In the event one of those officers is not in attendance at the meeting and has not designated, in writing, an active individual member of the club to act as his or her proxy at such meeting, the officer or proxy holder in attendance shall be deemed to hold the proxy of the other and may therefore cast two votes at such meeting.

“Each member of the district council in attendance at a council meeting, or his or her proxy as authorized by subparagraph (d) hereof, is entitled to one vote. Any active individual member who carries the proxies of both the club president and vice president education from a member club is entitled to two votes; and any such individual member who is also entitled to a vote as a member of the district executive committee is entitled to three votes. All other members of the district council shall be limited to a maximum of two votes.“

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.  I’m always happy to help.

Tina Guillot, DTM
District 68 Director

Spring District Council Meeting