Facebook-Join-Our-GroupDuring mid August, many homes and businesses across Louisiana were inundated with flood waters following over 25 inches of rain in a 72-hour period.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all those impacted by the flooding.   Several of our District 68 members and leaders were among those affected.  Here is an overview and update on those individuals and details as to how you can help:

Tammy2Tammy1Tammy0Tammy Freeman – Tammy is our 2016-2017 Area 8 Director, a member of Downtown Toastmasters, and a true Toastmasters junkie.  She’s done an amazing job helping with TLIs and even assisted with training our Prison Club in Oakdale.  Her family lost everything after over five feet of water filled her home. Meanwhile, Tammy’s mother who lives nearby, also lost everything.  Needless to say this is an overwhelming experience for everyone.  Pictures shown are of Tammy’s home just before the water entered and the intersection near her neighborhood a short time later.

Tammy would appreciate Amazon and Home Depot gift cards sent to her email address, tammyzc3@aol.com, or you can access her Amazon wish list here. Additionally, her daughter set up a GoFundMe account for her. To donate to that fund, please click here.

Nah1nah0Nah Senpeng – Nah is our Area 2
Director and an active member of the Lafayette Club.  Nah’s family home flooded with just enough water to make everything a mess!  Since she’s the mom of a precious baby girl, this has certainly been a challenge. Pictures shown are of the exterior of her home during the evacuation process and the interior renovations following the flooding. Nah would appreciate gift cards for Walmart via her wish list, which can be accessed by clicking here.

Stacy3Stacy Vicknair – Stacy was our Lieutenant Governor of Marketing from 2014-2015. He’s an active member of Downtown Toastmasters. Although he will not admit it, we discovered he’s quite the comedian when he roasted his outgoing District Governor, Phil Varona.  Stacy’s still keeping his sense of humor in the midst of it all and finding silver linings in the clouds.  His house had extensive damage due the flooding, but he is counting his blessings.  Stacy wrote on his Facebook page:  “There is no shortage of folks who need help. If anything, there is a shortage of those left to provide help. I absolutely know this. Like others have mentioned it’s very hard to accept the fact that you need help and even harder to ask for it.  That said, if you feel 100% compelled to help me and Tracy you can provide donations through our PayPal account or our GoFundMe account.”  Donations are much appreciated.

Robert Douglas – Robert is one of our fiercest competitors who has inspired many with his speeches! He’s a member of two clubs, Rabble Rousers and GSU Baton Rouge.  Robert recently checked in on our District 68 Facebook group and wrote:

“Praise God, my primary residence was spared, however, I am dealing with a completed flooded storage unit that had the majority of my worldly goods, no flood insurance and three flooded investment properties. My brother’s primary residence was completely flooded as well. The last few days have been filled with clean up and dry out efforts. I am so grateful to God for Life, Liberty and The pursuit of happiness. All is well. Please keep Baton Rouge in your prayers. I regret that I had to cancel out of the International convention.”  Details on how you can assist Robert are pending.

Brian0Brian1Brian Hall – Brian is a member of Blue Note Speakers and has been around for a while, often assisting with district training and other activities at the club level.  Brian’s home is located in Denham Springs which was one of the hardest hit areas in Louisiana.  The picture shows rising flood waters in his neighborhood. He and his wife and their two small children are temporarily displaced while in recovery mode.

Brian is hoping to find a travel trailer to borrow, rent, or purchase and park on his property during renovations.  If you have any information on that, please email A.J. Guillot, Recovery Chair, at ajguillot@bellsouth.net and he will coordinate with Brian.  Additionally, donations to Brian’s GoFundMe account are appreciated.

Marilyn0Marilyn TreuilMarilyn is a brand new member of Toastmasters who is enjoying being part of the Downtown Toastmasters Club. Her home in Baton Rouge was severely damaged. All of the carpet and most of the walls had to be removed. Many other things were lost as well. Her family had to be rescued by boat and they were very thankful that their pets were rescued by some family members.

Marilyn has created a wish list for gift cards through Walmart.  You can access her wish list by clicking here.

We are currently gathering more information on those impacted as well as additional resources to help with recovery efforts.  If you’re willing to help with donations or labor or have been impacted and need support, please contact A.J. Guillot, Recovery Chair, at ajguillot@bellsouth.net.  Watch this page for further updates.