The following is a list of  members who have been trained by District 68 to serve as contests judges .

District 68 Fall Event Certified Judges
Name Club Divisions
AJ Guillot chalmette            A
Alfred Doucett Lake Charles, GSU Beaumont Area 1
Annie Svaty Evangeline, Speak & Grow, Lincoln Parish Alfred Doucett
Bernadette Savoy Evangeline – AD 3 John Kacher
Chic Miller Celebration – Div D Dir Randy Shelton
Emily Stich GSU Baton Rouge – AD 6 Shaun Best
Gail Leathwood Lafayette
Gant Laborde Div C – 234, Golden Crescent Area 2
Hollie Domiano AD 9 Big Easy, B&P Annie Svaty
Jarrett Thomas Northpark, Celebration Kenner Bernadette Savoy
Jeanne Andrus Northshore, Jeff Chamber, Totally TM Gail Leathwood
Joel Dawson Evangeline Joel Dawson
John Kacher Golden Triangle Laura Golob
Joyce Perkins Davis Totally TM Bobby Donlon
Katie Rigsby GC, Nat.Naw Carrie Mots
Kristi Folse Highway to Success
Larua Golob Lafayette   Area 3
Mike Cragin Downtown Robin Budde
Mohamad Qayoom GC, Nat.Naw Terry Sadler
Phil Varona GSU Baton Rouge
Randy Shelton GSU Beaumont – AD1 Area 4
Ray Humphrey II Franklin Ave
Robin Budde Speak & Grow            B
Shaun Best Golden Triangle Area 6
Tabitha Grimes AD 10 , Northpark Kristi Folse
Tina Guillot IPDD Chalmette, GC, UNO Dirk Benedict
Bobby Donlon
Terry Sadler Area 7
Kenneth Cambre Lafayette Mike Cragin
Anthony Sariol CENLA Glenda Conlee
Carrie Mots AD 8- Gold Crescent, Marathon Pat Conlee
Allison Doan 234 NO
Chris Cole CGI Area 8
Dirk Benedict Chalmette Emily Stich
Jackie Edmond Celebration, BEST Bilingual Phil Varona
Linda Searcy Rabble Rousers Kenneth Cambre
Glenda Conlee AD 11, Franklin Ave
Pat Conlee Franklin Ave           C
Downtown Area 9
Downtown Gant Laborde
Hollie Domiano
Area 10
Jarrett Thomas
Jeanne Andrus
Joyce Parkins Davis
Tabitha Grimes
Area 11
A J Guillot
Tina Guillot
Allison Doan
Jackie Edmond
Linda Searcy
Ray Humphrey II
Area 13
Anthony Sariol
Area 14
Chris Cole
Chic Miller
Area 15
Katie Rigsby
Mohamad Qayoom