Greetings, fellow Toastmasters!

First and foremost, how are you?  Did you manage to stay dry during the storm?  Please let us know if you encountered problems so we can check on you and help as we are able.  We have heard from Area Directors Tammy Freeman and Nah Senpeng and a few other members that their homes took on water this past weekend.  We ask that you keep them and others who may have been impacted in your thoughts and prayers.  For clubs in Nah’s area (Area 2) and Tammy’s area (Area 8), if you need assistance and are not able to get in touch with them, please feel free to reach out to your Division Director (Division A is Annie Svaty and Division B is Jim Brown).

Here is some important information about District 68 activities:

COMMITTEES:  It’s time to join the choir!  Harmony cannot be achieved with only one voice.  As a member of one of the District 68 committees you will use your talents to help to ensure the strength and success of our district while at the same time further developing your skills in a chosen area.  Our goal is that every Toastmaster in District 68 is an active participant on at list one committee.  Please visit the committees page at to learn more!

AWARDS:  District 68 is now offering various new awards and incentives for program quality, club growth, and member retention.  Please visit the awards page at to learn more!

Please let us know if you have any questions or need further information.
In service to the member,
Tina Guillot, DTM
District 68 Director
District 68 Toastmasters: (1) How are you? (2) Here’s info on Awards and Committees!