Picture D. Reid, PHR

Biography of: Distinguished Toastmaster Dave Reid

I seek this new challenge to provide continued leadership and fostering sustainment of the District. Critical is continued recruitment and development of Club Sponsors, Mentors, Officers and membership growth. My experiences in working with institutes of learning, corporate cultures, industry, community development organizations and knowledge of prospecting and recruiting in our market might be useful in this role.

Those attributes combined with my experiences in dealing with people issues and overcoming of obstacles provides me with empathy to connect in helping and dealing with others.  This year, I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of supporting prospective new clubs, conducting workshops, alignment and selection as Pathways Learning Ambassador.  I feel that my professional and personal experiences and understanding of working collaboratively with integrity, loyalty and service to others provides a solid foundation in supporting my candidacy.

The biography that follows –  provides my experiences hopefully, to serve as your next Club Growth Director.

My Toastmasters journey began in June 2004 and includes service as Club President (Distinguished), Vice President of Education (Distinguished), Area Governor, (President’s Distinguished), Conference Co-Chair – Lafayette, Lt. Governor of Education and Training, (Distinguished), District Governor, Immediate Past District Governor (Distinguished), Campaign Manager, and selection as Pathways Learning Ambassador.

Achievement in Toastmasters – includes recognition twice as a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), Area Governor of the Year in 2011 (AGOY), and Excellence in Education and Training Award in 2012, as Lieutenant Governor of Education and Training (LGET).

In the private sector – I ‘ve worked as a Certified HR Professional in Fortune 500 organizations supporting Manufacturing Operations.  My formal education includes Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from The University of Maryland and Indiana Wesleyan University (GPA 3.8), majoring in Management.

In the public sector – I’ve served as professional soldier leading in the United States Army, and Gulf War, with duties culminating as First Sergeant and Chief, Personnel Management Branch. In closing, thanks to the nominating committee for recommending me. On May 13, 2107, elect Dave Reid as your next Club Growth Director for 2017-2018.