Martha Roedbro, our 2016-2017 Area 10 Director, has been serving her clubs remotely while away in Germany for a few months.  In order to stay connected with them and the members, Martha has been an Interview Series.  As they are made available, we will post the interviews here on the District 68 website.  Please click the links provided below to read and enjoy learning about some of your fellow Toastmasters!


Interview 1:  Colleen Dale, Slidell Toastmasters



Interview 2:  Cynthia Widlitze, Totally Toastmasters


Interview 3:  Tabitha Grimes, Northpark Toastmasters


Interview 4:  Lee Wilczynski, Northshore Toastmasters


Interview 5:  Gant Laborde, Golden Crescent Toastmasters