It’s Thanksgiving Toastmasters!

For the month of November, we would like to show appreciation for our most dedicated Toastmasters members by shining a spotlight on someone every day during our 30 Days of Thanks! We want to show you what our team means to us, and what better time than during the month of Thanksgiving? Keep checking our Facebook page to see updates on our #30DaysofThanks and be sure to give them a thumbs up for all that they do!

1st November 2017

We are kicking off our #30DaysofThanks with a spotlight on Emily Stich! As someone who has been an incredible help with Super TLI and Area and Division contest, she deserves thanks from us all. We would also like to acknowledge how successful Toastmasters has been due to her great planning and event management skills, all while making sure to visit each and every one of her clubs! Thank you so much, Emily.

2nd November 2017

For day 2 of our #30DaysofThanks, we would like to introduce Jessica Dagoglou! She is a pro at being an Area Director. She has visited her clubs more than anyone else has and she was the first Area Director to complete her club visit reports, in record time we may add! She has been a big help with her Area contest, as well as other Area and Division contests! For someone who has been so involved, and even helped with starting new clubs, we owe Jessica a big thank you!

3rd November 2017

It’s day 3 of our November countdown for our #30DaysofThanks, and we are shining our spotlight on Mrs. Shirley Burch! Shirley as had fantastic communication and leadership with clubs, as she has so selflessly been helping as an Area Director. She has learned extremely fast in her role and has already submitted two reports! Thank you so much, Shirley, for stepping in when needed, you are greatly appreciated!

4th November 2017

It’s day 4 of our #30DaysofThanks, so that means another day of appreciation for our members! Today we want to give a shout out to Tabitha Grimes, an amazing planner, a great motivator, and an excellent team leader. She has built strong relationships with the members of her Area, which was instrumental in making her Area contest a huge success. Thank you so much, Tabitha, for all you do for Toastmasters!

5th November 2017

We are 5 days into our #30DaysofThanks and thrilled to give a shoutout to Kim Boyd! Kim, being incredibly dependable, is able to keep up communication with Prisons, District, and World Headquarters! She is over 7 different Prison clubs and handles any challenges in her job extremely well. We are so proud of you Kim! Keep up the stellar work!

6th November 2017

It’s day 6 of our #30DaysofThanks and we are showing our appreciation for Bernadette Savoy! This amazing woman travels the furthest to get to clubs, and makes it work with flying colors, and is even helping start up a new club! Mrs. Bernadette served as Contest Chair at Division and District level and has created two speechcraft projects! She has truly been a fantastic asset and we wanted to show her thanks for it

7th November 2017

It’s day 7 of our #30DaysofThanks and we would like to show our appreciation for Ramesh Narasimhan! He’s a strategic planner, a motivating leader, and a tenacious Toastmaster. Whether it is helping struggling clubs, conducting demonstration meeting for chartering new clubs, or assisting with contests, Ramesh is always a big help. Thank you so much for all you do, Ramesh!

8th November 2017

It’s day 8 of our District’s #30DaysofThanks and we’d have to say it’s coming along very nicely! Today we would like to show our appreciation for Mrs. Jacqueline Edmond who is not only detail oriented but a hard worker and amazing problem solver! It is because of all her fantastic qualities that make her such a superb Area 11 Director, thank you for all you do Jackie!

9th November 2017

It’s day 9 of our #30DaysofThanks and we are showing appreciation for Tammy Freeman! Tammy is an astounding mentor and was previously an Area Director last year but is now a Division Director overseeing 3 Area Directors! We are extremely thankful she is always willing to take charge when needed and appreciate how active she is on our Facebook group page as well. Thank you for everything you do Tammy!

10th November 2017

It’s nice and chilly outside, so you know that means we are getting further into November as well as our #30DaysofThanks! For November 10th we want to kick it off by talking about Alfred Doucette Jr.! He is an incredibly detailed oriented person which is what makes him perfect for his role as a Public Relations Manager. Alfred, a sweet, polite, and humble man, is always going out of his way to reach out to the media to promote District 68. We in the District are lucky to have you, Alfred!

11th November 2017

So today we are going to change it up a little for our #30DaysofThanks. Instead of thanking a member of Toastmasters, we’d like to especially thank our veterans to recognize and pay tribute to all who served for our honor, courage, and loyalty. So if you will, take a moment to thank a veteran this Veterans Day. To our men and women in uniform, whether you are, were, or will be, thank you for your bravery.

12th November 2017

For Day 12 of ou #30DaysofThanks, we would like to share our appreciation for Daniel Simmons! Daniel is a spectacular communicator, which makes him perfect for his role as Area Director of our prison clubs! He’s done a fantastic job of helping train the officers, and we are proud to have him apart of our team! Thank you so much, Daniel!

13th November 2017

It’s Day 13 on our#30DaysofThanks and we are celebrating My Chau Le! She is known for being an incredibly energetic Area Director and always smiling, and is even President of one of the clubs! We know that her role can be challenging because she’s also in school working towards her MBA and she does an amazing job at balancing both. We are incredibly lucky and very proud to have such a hard worker as a part of our team. Thank you for all you do!

14th November 2017

YAY ANNE!!! For our 14th day of our #30DaysofThanks, we are giving a shout out to the wonderful Annie Svaty, and we hardly know where to begin! Annie is our Program Quality Director and has lead so many events. She has helped with organizing officer training and District speech contests as well as communication and leadership training! Thank you for always going above and beyond for Toastmasters, Annie!

15th November 2017

On day 15 of our #30DaysofThanks, we would like to recognize Randy Shelton! Randy, the current Area 1 Director and the immediate past President for GSU Beaumont, is a wonderful person and an inspiration for everyone. Thanks to his leadership, Area 1 is able to get back strong following the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. He is always ready to learn new things and change accordingly and we appreciate his willingness to take charge when needed! We Thank-you for your efforts and continued support to Toastmasters!

 16th November 2017

On day 16 we wanted to give a shoutout to Chic Miller! He is incredibly dedicated to his work, as he leads Judges training. Chic is also an expert in conducting quality contests and is always an inspiration for new leaders. We would like to thank this dynamic, devoting, and dashing Division Director for all he does and celebrate him in our #30DaysofThanks!

17th November 2017

For day 17 of our #30DaysofThanks, we want everyone to put their hands together for Marilyn Treuil! Marilyn joined Downtown Toastmasters and then stepped in as VPM. Marilyn is always eager to fill any role she is asked, she even drove to Lafayette to help some training! As area director, she has visited her clubs many times and eager to serve. She’s also assisted at open houses and organized Club socials for us. Thank you for always stepping up to the plate Marilyn!

18th November 2017

We are incredibly excited to start off today with another #30DaysofThanks, and this one is for Tina Guillot! Tina is our Immediate Past District Director and is an inspiration for all of us. She continues to provide support and guidance in District activities such as building new clubs, supporting existing clubs, speech contests, officer training, workshops, and so much more. We are so grateful to have terrific Tina on our team!

19th November 2017

Today we want to recognize Cindy Cooley, District 68’s Administration Manager, for her hard work in today’s #30DaysofThanks! Cindy is responsible for a lot of behind-the-scenes work. She is helping the district and members by maintaining the historical records of the district, recording and distributing meeting minutes, and otherwise maintaining accurate, timely records of district business. We owe Cindy a big thank you!!

20th November 2017

 It’s day 20 of ou r#30DaysofThanks we want to talk about Hollie Domiano! Hollie is an incredibly detail-oriented person which is such a help for the District. As Area 9 Director, she is a fantastic planner and great team player. District 68 is proud to have you and we appreciate all that you do, Hollie!

21st November 2017

As a part of our #30DaysofThanks, we want to share our thankfulness for this wonderful human! Maryam Uloho is the President of the New Journeys Toastmasters Club and has proven herself to be a cool, calm, compassionate, and collective leader. She is also fantastic at being a community organizer and social worker, and is soon to be a movie star! Wow! Thank you so much, Maryam and all that you do for District 68

22nd November 2017

As a part of our #30DaysofThanks, we want to share our thankfulness for the wonderful Katie Rigsby! Katie is our Club Growth Director. She is not only successfully building new clubs and supporting existing clubs in achieving excellence, she has also laid the foundation of several committees which will ensure that the district continues to be successful in the years to come. Katie’s vision, energy, and work ethic are vital to the growth and strength of our district. She is such a huge part of district 68! So, Happy Thanksgiving Katie, we love you and thank you!

23rd November 2017

Today we want to recognize our finance manager, Ian Squires! Ian is an Accounting major who’s soon to graduate from Southeastern Louisiana University and is the immediate past President of the SLU Toastmasters club that he started on campus! Ian has been a huge help in District 68 and his dedication to school, work, and Toastmasters is unwavering. To wrap up our posts for the evening, we want to thank him for all his hard work and let him know how valued he is to us all. Thank you, Ian and Happy Thanksgiving!

24th November 2017

For this evenings #30DaysofThanks, we want to share our appreciation for Kenneth Cambre! Kenneth is our fantastic Area 8 Director and is currently helping the district with Demo meetings, Open Houses, Speech Contests, and club visits! He has even gone out of his way to travel outside of his area when he is needed. Kenneth has been an incredible help to the District and we owe him many thank yous- Thanks so much for all of your hard work!

25th November 2017

We are kicking off the day with a #30DaysofThanks for Saketh Madugula! Saketh’s creativity can be seen in tons of fliers, banners, and ads that our District utilizes. He continues to contribute his excellent ideas to serve our members, and is an incredible help to those who need it! Not to mention, he is one of the sponsors of Bilingual English and Spanish Toastmasters club – how amazing is that! Saketh has done so much for District 68, so thank you for all of your hard work and we are proud to show you off as our 26th person!

26th November 2017

Tonight we are honored to mention Denise St. Cyr in our #30DaysofThanks! Denise, as Area 2 Director, has truly been a great help with conferences, contests, and club visits. And even more so, she is an excellent leader and communicator! Thank you, Denise, for all of your hard work you have put forth into District 68!

27th November 2017

It’s getting close to the end of our #30DaysofThanks, but we still have a few more people to mention including Gant Laborde! Gant has been practicing the skills he has learned from Toastmasters by giving presentations nationally and internationally. He is the current President of New Orleans Toastmasters and charter President of Golden Crescent Toastmasters and has recently served as the Contest Chair for District 68 Humorous Speech Contest in Baton Rouge. Additionally, Gant has been busy helping with demo meetings, contests, and other training events. Gant clearly stays incredibly busy helping us in the district and we want to express how thankful we are to have you on our team! Thank you so much, Gant!

28th November 2017

We are almost done with our #30DaysofThanks and we are moving onto our committees! For our first committee, we want to share how grateful we are for our Public Relations team! Between our PR Manager, Alfred, our Assistant PR Manager, Aspen, Mackenzi as the Social Media Manager, and the lovely Kritika who has just recently joined as Webmaster, you could say they have quite the dream team now! The goal of the PR Committee is to get the clubs’ name out and help more people recognize why District 68 Toastmasters is the place to be. We would like to thank each member for their hard work, we know it’s made a difference!

29th November 2017

We are almost finished with our #30DaysofThanks and we have another committee to share! Greg Kitchen, Patrick Gellispe, Sara Johansen, and Jason Bailey are apart of our Club Growth Committee and deserve thanks for their efforts in Demo meetings, Open Houses, and reviving struggling clubs. They have also created documentation and processes that will help District 68 for years to come! Thank you, all, for donating your time to better the district and have a happy holiday!