2019 Speech Contest Planning

Spring will be here before you know it.  Show your Toastmaster’s Leadership skills and get planning.

Division Directors

If you have not already planned your division contest, you need to set the date to allow your Area Directors to plan.  Don’t forget that you want to leave time between the division contest and the conference for contestants to prepare their speeches.

Area Directors

Though you really need to know the division contest dates to start, it is a fair bet your contest will need to be between February and March 2019.  Determining venues, schedules, and all the details need not wait until the last minute.  Plan now and make your 2019 tasks much easier.

Club Officers

The start of the new year will be your time to prep and hold your club contests.  It also is a time to encourage your members to compete.  Mentors and coaches should be in full effect to polish and motivate the contestants to take the stage.

2019 Contest Preparation