The Driving ForceDana LaMon, DTM

A presentation on undergoing and overcoming challenges.

Seldom, if ever, is the road to success described as a downhill coasting to the warm sands of a sunny beach. Success is frequently depicted atop a rugged mountain. The climb to success is steep, hard and treacherous.

To get you to the top despite the challenges that you will inevitably encounter, Dana LaMon will inspire (1) knowing what you want, (2) knowing where you are going, (3) acting to make things happen, (4) looking forward to your destination, and (5) persisting until the DRIVE to success is finished.

Leading With Courage and Heart, Mohamad Qayoom, DTM

Mohamad started his Toastmasters district leadership journey during tumultuous times when his district was on the brink of dissolution. He was fortunate to belong to a team that turned the district around and it didn’t only survive, but it thrived and became one of the most successful districts in the United States. During this session, Mohamad will share some of the lessons that he has learned from various leadership positions which include: the importance of developing other people; the need for taking calculated risks; the value of consistency and persistence as well as trust; the significance of learning from one’s failures; how to lead by example and manage priorities; and the importance of demonstrating empathy during difficult times.

The Map to Effective Impromptu Speaking, Phil Varona, DTM

Have you ever walked away from a conversation and thought, “Man, why did I say that?!” You may not realize it but impromptu speaking is part of our everyday lives and being prepared can help prevent those “foot in mouth” moments. Whether you are called on in a work meeting, step onto an elevator with a stranger or attending a party; these are just a few of the ways we utilize impromptu speaking in our daily lives. In this session, Phil shares his take on the various types of impromptu speaking and provides tips for getting through the uncomfortablness of any situation with a well thought out response.

Making the Moment Meaningful, Dana LaMon, DTM

A presentation on living meaningfully.

This life is the only one you have, and you’ve got to make the best of it. You can choose to let circumstances and events dictate the course of your life, but in doing so, you miss your one opportunity to shape the world.

At some point in time every person who is aware of his or her surroundings yearns to be significant– that is, to live with meaning. Meaningfulness is not something to be sought; it is to be made. Dana LaMon will set fourth four criteria for determining the meaningfulness of your decisions and actions—Purpose, Connection, Growth, and Self-definition.